Stevedoring Services in India.


The method of loading, and unloading from and to the vessels is called stevedoring. Bothra Group is a licensed stevedoring company situated in Visakhapatnam(Vizag), Haldia, and Kakinada. Stevedoring company in Vizag is responsible for handling cargo operations, logistical operations, and transportation operations within and outside the port.

A professional person in charge of cargo in the port operations that include loading, unloading, and transportation is called a stevedore.

Stevedoring services in Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, and Haldia are open to a broad range of services that include:

Arrangement of all necessary permissions for cargo and operations for the import or export of goods

Proper documentation generation for the cargo

Arrangement of highly experienced manpower and appropriate transport for the cargo.

Arrangement of godowns or sheds for cargo storage

Vessel cargo operations with minimal handling loss/ damage.

Answering necessary questions from the client

Arranging barges or lightweight vessels for transshipment

Customs clearance for the import and export of overseas cargo.

Arrangement of transport for final delivery based on clientele requirements.



Bothra Stevedoring Company is committed to providing dedicated, economical, and efficient services.