Timely and Efficient
Connecting the Ends Seamlessly
The combined expertise and experience across the sea and overland logistics led us to the natural progression of End to End to Logistics Solutions.

With our inherent strength derived from our experience, equipment infrastructure, networked operations, chartering and overland logistics services, Bothra Group carved out a niche position in offering seamless Turnkey Logistics for its Customers right from the point of Origin to the Destination Port and extending to the inland end point of destination. Such solutions are custom made and offer an unique advantage to customers for end to end multimodal logistics connectivity

We offer turnkey logistics by taking delivery of the cargo at the mines or points of origin, moving it by the most economical and efficient combination of road, rail and barge to the nearest port, stacking, storing and stevedoring operations at the port and onward shipment to destination
by vessels chartered by us, Stevedoring at destination port,storing and eventual despatch to the Inland Destination by Rail or Road.

There is a plethora of benefits that accrues to the customer in adopting such End to End Turnkey logistics solutions. We have been offering such service to some of the key customers such as APGENCO, KIOCL, Bhusan Power & Steels Ltd etc.

The latest into this segment is our services for M/s Earthstone., a mining major with wide ranging operations in Asia and Africa. Our Total Logistics solution for M/s Earthstone includes taking over the cargo from the mine head in African Sahara, moving to Atlantic seaport, shipping to China in vessels under disponent ownership and delivering at Chinese ports.