Timely and Efficient
Reliability and Turnaround
Vessel Agency is an operation that goes truly 24X7. A smooth and fast turnaround of the vessel in the Port holds paramount importance for us. Our Shipping division, a neat, compact and efficient team, go about this business with precision. The service offerings are:
Owners Protective Agency

We take away the concerns of the Vessel Owner. This is a service that acts as an extended arm of the Owner and depending on requirement supervises charterer agency functions, monitors Port call operations and anything in particular the owner may need to ensure his interests are protected well.
The services typically cover :

  • Vessel operation, monitoring and reporting;
  • Receipt of owners Funds
  • Verification of PDAs and managing the payments
  • Cargo Document verification, Statement of Facts etc. for correctness
  • Issuance of Letter of Protests;
  • Assisting Master for Signing of Bills of Lading.
Ship Husbandry Services

In short, Look after the Vessel. This covers areas of support, services of any kind that a Vessel or Master may need.
The services typically cover :

  • Inward outward clearance;
  • Communication assistance;
  • Liaison with Port and other Authorities;
  • Vessel repair support;
  • Stores, supplies, customs clearance;
  • Crew matters, repatriation etc.
Our Shipping Agency looks after over 600 vessels per year.